Go paperless

Digital receipts are far less expensive and reduce overhead operating costs.
We instantly deliver an interactive smart receipt to your banking app post-purchase.

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Digital receipts

Get full receipts automatically in your banking app as you pay with your bank card at any store in the Receept network.

Digital receipts

Digital loyaty stamps

Never forget your loyalty card again. Get stamps in your banking app automatically as you pay.

Digital loyalty stamps

Digital offers

Get personalised offers sent straight to your banking app when you opt in.

Digital offers
Deliver a seamless experience

Surprise and delight your customers with automated, feature-rich smart receipts.

Know who your customer is

Seamlessly collect customer analytics for your business offline, just like you do online.

No staff training

Fully integrated solution that requires no change in staff behaviour.

Easily convert insights into actions

Take action on these insights using our offers, loyalty, and ratings solutions.